"At first I hated Math, now on coming to the Vedic Math program have started enjoying the subject to my delight!

Manoj Shukla
8th Grade

"Vedic Math Methods taught were simple and could be mentally solved which will help the students to attain confidence. Program is beneficial from school to school at all levels.The methods will help the students to check their answers which will build their confidence. Math phobia hopefully will disappear."

Surbi Roy
10th Grade

" Vedic Math Simply Rocks! "

Shabana Munif
10th Grade

"Spread Vedic Math by awareness and make math easy "

Hirani Gupta
Senior Teacher

"Math can't get better than this."

Reshman Sharma
9th Grade

"I learnt many new things and it'll help me to become a very good human being. Vedic Math should be introduced from Kinder Garden level to become more effective."

Laxmi Suchak
Senior Teacher

"I liked the background which was cool and calm and the basic methods taught. I feel that my speed has increased by 90% which increases the skill abilities fully."

Dhagesh Gaurangbhai Shah
Standard 10th Grade

" I feel Amazing!!! It is just lightening of inner flame."

Kiran Sagar
8th Grade

"We like the program so much. Earlier we had no stint in having fun doing Math. This program made Fun possible."

Chittal Shah
8th Grade