Increase your reading speed 5-10 times faster guaranteed. Speed reading involves not only the ability to read vast amounts of information at an accelerated rate but also the ability to absorb and comprehend the information you've just read. This can be a huge benefit during school and in many professions that require copious amounts of reading on a daily basis.

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Benefits of Speed Reading:

  • Read books 5-10 times faster than your current rate
  • Retain and recall more information, which is the key for student life
  • Quicker reading with better comprehension
  • More knowledgeable since you can grasp and read books faster
  • Overall Brain development
  • Some of the techniques learned are also applicable in real life, from past experiences, people after learning speed reading have become better sportsmen, better performance in academics, better grades

understand those barriers, have willingness to learn new methods, and desire to improve. Among other benefits are not needing to go back and reread passages that have already been read as frequently (this process is known as skip back), lessening the amount of time in which your eyes linger on particular words or blocks of words, and enlarging the area upon which your eyes rest while reading. This is known as the fixation zone and includes the word or block of words that you are reading at any given time. Some people can only manage a word or two at a time and others can read entire lines at a time. The more words you can read at a time, the faster you will ultimately read.

While it probably comes as little or no surprise that speed reading gives most students a noticeable edge in the studies, it may come as a surprise to discover that students who can speed read in another language (their native language) have a much easier time of learning English as a second language than those who have not developed this particular skill. They are much more likely to excel in the learning of a new language and far less likely to give up the learning of a new language.

There are also many professions that will find speed reading abilities of an incredible benefit as well. The very first one that comes to mind is the field of law. Attorneys and judges must perform massive amounts of reading in the course of an ordinary day, the faster they can read and comprehend the material at hand the quicker they can manage decisive action in regards to the materials they've just read.

Scholars and professors must also do a great amount of reading as do journalists, reporters, writers, novelists, researchers, and any number of other professions. We live in a world that is moving at the speed of sound many days in order to keep up with the world it is becoming more and more necessary to develop speed reading skills rather than the hobby or edge that it once may have been within professional communities.

Even recreational reading benefits from speed reading. The less time you spend the reading, the less eye strain and fatigue you are likely to experience. Additionally, eliminating the need to linger as often is a great benefit to your reading times and how quickly you can go through a book that might have you on the edge of your seat. While speed reading is murder on your book budget, it is a great way to work in a great novel over the course of a night or a weekend.

For those who love and live to read, speed reading is the only way to go. As your skills improve so does you ability to not only learn new things rapidly but also retain the knowledge you've gained. For many, that alone is worth the price of a speed reading course or two.