Help her/him to be creative in writing by giving a place to start. We often tend to start writing with a blank page, which is quite a daunting task. We usually start early on reading skills and make children develop reading habits early in their age, but writing is ignored. Developing good writing habits not only makes you communicate better but it develops confidence to express your ideas and be a solid contributor. This program nurture and immerse the child in good, redemptive learning and guide them to the joys of the creative process

Creative Writing program delivered in two formats

For ages 8-18 - Four levels of three months each One year program.

For Adults Two hours each day for one month One month program

Program starts with Creative Writing basic foundation skills:

  • Prewriting techniques
  • Journaling,
  • Sentence variety,
  • Paragraph writing

Program further extends on to covering some of the advanced writing concepts such as:

  • Essay writing,
  • Newsletter/article writing,
  • Poetry writing,
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction writing.

Writing is an important part of our life.If you want to inspire your child and others to grow as a writer, then lighting a fire in their youth is very important. You simply cannot sit back and expect a child to love writing by practicing time wasting exercises that result in just a worksheets to be thrown away when clean up time arrives.

Cosmic Brains Creative Writing program is teacher lead where concepts are thoroughly taught and the students are introduced to various publishing opportunities for each product they develop. Basing on the students interest each of them can develop into a writing career with published author privilege early in their life.