Cosmic Brains Mission Statement:

1. Expand every child's hidden brain power

2. Help children to excel in academics and standout from the rest

3. Inculcate smarter thinking habits to be more efficient with simple brain development techniques that can be practiced and applied to Math and Reading skills.

We have chosen Vedic Mathematics and Speed Reading techniques to accomplish our mission statement. These techniques are not just meant to excel in math and reading, but when practiced longer time would have significant benefits for the overall brain development.

Vedic Mathematics is the ancient system of Mathematics which was rediscovered from Vedas. Vedic system due to its coherent nature makes mathematics easy and enjoyable and encourage innovation. Difficult problems and complex sums can easily be solved immediately. Our focus in this program is not only to teach you the techniques but practice them mentally, which helps in brain development.

Speed Reading is another important skill that is so important for everyone. We are in the era of information on finger tips, but the key question is how much of that you can process and understand quickly. More you are learned and respond on time, more you get recognized, do better in tests and stand out from the rest. This program teaches simple techniques and teacher lead practice sessions that will help to enhance your brain development rapidly. You no longer will take days/months to read books, but in minutes and hours with 100% comprehension.



Student comments who attended Vedic Math program

"Vedic Math Methods taught were simple and could be mentally solved which will help the students to attain confidence. Program is beneficial from school to college at all levels. The methods will help the students to check their answers which will build their confidence. Math phobia will disappear."

Surbi Roy
10th Grade

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